GoPro App Redesign


GoPro’s insanely successful action-cam has a global footprint. The cost of the camera is now under $50.00 and millions of people are using it to document the adventurous side of their lives. The challenge is to deliver a new mobile app, one that stands out from the photo environment today (Instagram, TikTok, Vsco cam, Snapchat) and that will appeal to millennials. What does the perfect GoPro app do that’s new and groundbreaking?

I designed a new GoPro iOS application that allows users to quickly track and share their travels in real time and on-the-go. They will have the ability to connect with others who share the same interests; explore things to do in specific locations; and seamlessly edit, share and organize their own content. The goal of this app is to create a community that will inspire and encourage other users to contribute and seek more adventures using their GoPro camera.


Given the time limit of this project, I knew I would need to use a methodical and efficient process. I needed to collect enough user input, define a fundamental understanding of the users needs to inform the digital design while still leaving time to refine my final deliverables.


Discovery: Research & Synthesis

The goal of this phase was to understand a millennial audience of action-cam (specifically GoPro) users so that a new and groundbreaking app can be designed and developed to help GoPro stand out as the leader in the adventure community.

Discovery: Competitive Analysis

Define: User Persona

Define: Empathy Map

Problem Statement

A tech-savvy, adventurer feels disconnected from an online community while traveling due to the lack of on app that effectively and efficiently allows them to edit and share content on the go.

Define: Key Features

Design: Wireframes & Mood Board

Deliver: Hi-Fidelity Prototype

What Happens Next?